home CO.GEO s.r.l. was born from the acquisition of Tangorra Pasquale e Figli s.n.c. company – founded in 1967 – and is operating in the drilling sector from about 40 years, constantly enlarging and diversifying activities in drilling and related plant engineering. Nowadays it is able to drill water wells in every kind of grounds with diameter from 156mm to 800mm and over 1500m deep making use of most advanced available technologies. The company avail oneself of professionals services of highly specialized engineers, geologists and technicians adopting a severe professional discipline in work. Since 2001 the company is working adopting ISO 9001 standard for quality management system. Security and efficiency in working activities are guaranteed by constant improving of operating formalities and by the use of equipment and fitting obtained developing the most recent and advanced technologies. The company specialises in all aspects of water well contracting such as borehole drilling, test pumping and pipelines, as well as manufacturing pipes for submersible pumps. In 2006 borehole logging and geophysical surveying were added to company activities. 'The traditional values that we had when the business started all those years ago are still with us now. We are still a family run business, and personal pride in everything we do has established our reputation for always delivering quality and service.